World Cup Qatar 2022
World Cup Qatar 2022 is the Most impressive and Hugest Sport Event. Dont lose it with Low - cost subscriptions and low-quality or disconnections, Our Prime Servers guarantee the supreme stability, and 4K quality
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Huge movies und series Library
Our Library is the hugest ever on earth, Simply we Provide almost 300k movies and series , All working well and High quality and Multi -sub up to real 4K 2160p
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Greatest and Latest TV Series and Shows
World Cup 2022 or any other upcoming Event will always be available with Highest Quality and many sources , You will never miss a moment
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Wide bundle of Live Channels
Over 12k Channels all over the World , from HD to exclusive real 4K including Arab channels such as MBC - ART - OSN, beIN SPORTS channels and NETFLIX channels Follow all global and local sport events and live matches on all satellites and enjoy watching Wherever you are.
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Huge movies und series Library
Our Huge Database of content is daily updated with hundreds of Episodes and Movies, just follow our Social Media Platforms to get the latest updates
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Premium TV service
Our Servers are not those cheap ones with shared bandwidth, we have over 22 Servers with CDN to make sure you get the stream in shortest responding time along with this huge datacenter supported by the best infrastructure servers
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Real 4K UHD HDR 2160P Sports
We provide the exclusive real 4K UHD quality for sports and other channels
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+ 10000
Of Life TV Channels
+ 15000
Of Movies
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+ 10000
Of series episodes

It is not Simply a matter of huge Content

Despite the huge number of live channels, movies and series that we offer, we are committed to the high quality of live streaming for you to get the best user experience with us.

Streaming the unlimited series and movies from all over the world by different networks is one the most exciting things you can expect with IPTV.

Stream all the football Games from every major league in the world with a stable and high-quality, multi-source Channels 


Live Channels

Thousands of Live channels from all countries of the world and all languages ​​with complete stability and with quality starting from Low to 4K to suit all Internet speeds

Giant movie library

The latest multi-subtitled films  with the highest quality up to 4K and Newest Movies . We provide you with an integrated home cinema that meets all your needs,

Best Upcoming Movies 2022
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Series and shows

Episodes of series and shows will be uploaded only a few hours after their official release date, in very high quality and translated into several languages. The number of episodes reaches 400,000 files

Premium 4K Live sport

All other Providers Clain they have 4K, they just name channels to decieve their clients, We don’t

With us you will get real 4K UHD HDR 2160p Channels and Movies , just Get a Trial and see it yourself


Multiple Devices

Wherever there is internet connection, you can access your favorite channels and movie, Ghost TV supports all devices from smart TV to Mobile devices and PCs, simply and easily

Daily Updated

The Ghost Server never stops. Do you like to keep track of every new movies und series? Do not worry, we update the movie library daily, you can always check for updates from here

Professional support

Problems may happen, but do not worry. We have a specialized technical support team reachable at any time, Our best Support is that you will never contact us , cuz you have 2 extra different servers for free to help you continue watching non stop

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Multiple devices supported

You can enjoy premium content with high definition and quality on all your devices from smart screens to Android devices, iPhones, Apple TV and many other devices

A Classy selection of top Premium Pachages
All channels around the world arranged in groups for easy navigation including Arabic channels such as MBC – CNN- National Geo – OSN, beIN SPORTS channels and NETFLIX, Sky, ELEVEN and all other Paid channels to Follow all global and local sporting events and live matches on all satellites.

Ghost 4k Mian Packages

Supreme Package 12 Months


Premium 12 months


Platinum 12 Months


Diamond Package 12 months


DuplexPlay Activation Codes

Please Note: Duplex Play doesnt worn In the Gulf Area of Egypt, so dont buy it

Duplex player 10

10 Activation codes for duplex player

Duplex player 50

50 Activation codes for duplex player

Duplex player 1

1 Activation codes for duplex player

Ramadan and all Top Shows

Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV, an acronym for “Internet Protocol Television”, is a modern service that offers all channels of the world via the Internet via smart devices.

We support all kind of devices from Smart TVs like (Samsung, LG, Sony Wi smart screen) to Android devices (mobiles, smart screens, TV boxes), iPhone and iPad, Apple TV and computer, browser.

Computers, Smart TVs without devices (SAMSUNG and LG brands only) Android-enabled SMART TVs without a device (if there is a GOOGLE PLAY STORE program on TV) Smartphones (Android or IOS) Tablets (Android or IOS) MAG 250 (250-254-258) series devices.

No matter which country you are in, you can use our service anywhere in the world. In some countries ISP (Internet Service Providers) may have to use VPNs because they block IPTV services. Countries identified to use VPN at this time are known as UK, UAE and CN.

The service depends entirely on the Internet and requires a speed of at least 6 MB to ensure the stability of the service. You can test the speed of the Internet through:

The package contains more than 12,000 channels, including Bein sports, OSN, American, Italian and German channels and much more.

You can order a free trial for 24 hours first and check the quality of service provided, the quality and the channels in the package, and we offer a free trial even on live match days. Each customer receives only one trial. If you like the service, you can subscribe.

You can activate the subscription on more than one device, but provided that it is not running on more than one device at the same time.

Rated 5 out of 5
4 months ago

سيرفر رائع جدا وهذا بعد اشتراك متواصل لمدة 3 سنوات

انصحكم وبشده ولن تندموا

Avatar for ابو يزيد
ابو يزيد
Rated 5 out of 5
4 months ago

I have been enjoying it for 7 months now, any problems I had was solved in 10 minutes l am another happy customer.

Avatar for Ouafae Aouani
Ouafae Aouani
Rated 5 out of 5
4 months ago

خدمة ممتازة و ثبات بالصورة الله يعطيكم العافية

Avatar for Mohammad Karasi
Mohammad Karasi
Rated 5 out of 5
4 months ago


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Tamer Mohammed
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Muhammed Aleid

A wide range of live channels

Over 12k Channels all over the World , from HD to exclusive real 4K including Arab channels Follow all global and local sport events and live matches  and enjoy watching Wherever you are.


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