Install Smart IPTV on Firestick or FireTV

First, follow the below guide to enable Unknown Source, and then we will move towards the installation section:

1. Close all the apps and from Home Screen hovers to the above menu, and then click on Settings.


2. After this you need to move forward to see more options and from here select My FireTV.


3. At this time just scroll down and then open Developer Options.


4. Here you will see two more options and from there click on Apps from Unknown Source.


5. Right after clicking on that feature it will show a warning message just ignore it and click Turn on.


Now the installation of Unknown Source is enabled which means we can now sideload IPTV Smarters on FireTV Stick. So, without wasting any more time let’s head to the installation guide that is given below and make sure to read the steps twice before following.
In this guide, we will use an app called Downloader that is available on the App Store. Launch Firestick and from Home Screen hover to the above menu and then click Search or Magnifying Glass icon.


Now from here using the virtual keyboard type Downloader or else use Alexa Voice assistant by pressing the mic button on Remote.


Open the first result having an orange background (else check the screenshot attached below).


At this time you need to click on Download (You Own it) button.


Now just wait for a while until your apps start downloading and when it’s done you will see Open. When that button appears just click on it to launch Downloader on your device.


When launching the Downloader for the first time you will be asked to allow permission to Access Media, Files, Photos, etc then click on the Allow button.


After this you will see the box appears where it requires to type an address for the app to download. Hover to box and click select to launch keyboard and then type and then click Go


You can also use it without http://, for example, but if this doesn’t work then use http:// prefix as well.

After clicking on the Go button the app will start connecting to the server and right after this, your download will begin.

Depending on your internet speed the app will take time to download and when it completed you will see the installation windows appears there. When that window appears now click on the Install button located near Cancel.


Now wait for some time until it installed and when it’s completed just click on the Done button as we are not going to launch it now